Isaiah Prophecy Awaits

65:16 He who is blessed in the earth is blessed in the Alaha, Amen, and he who swears in the earth swears in the Alaha, Amen, because the former distresses shall be forgotten and they shall be hidden from before me
65:17 Because, behold, I am creating new Heavens and new Earth, and the former things shall not be remembered, and it shall not come upon the heart
65:18 But they shall rejoice and they shall dance for an eternity of eternities, because I am creating, because, behold, I create Jerusalem dancing and I shall rejoice in it
65:19 And I shall rejoice in Jerusalem and I shall dance in my people, and the sound of weeping shall not be heard in it again, or the sound of wailing
65:20 And there shall not again be an infant of days or an old man who will not fulfill his days, because a boy shall die a son of a hundred years, and whoever sins as a son of a hundred years shall be cursed
65:21 And they shall build households and they shall dwell and they shall plant vineyards and they shall eat their fruits
65:22 They shall not build and others inhabit, and they shall not plant and others eat, because the days of my people are as the days of trees, and my chosen ones shall eat the work of their hands
65:23 They shall not work for futility and they shall not give birth to a curse, because they are the blessed seed of Master Yah, they and their children with them.
65:24 And while they shall not call, I shall answer them, and before they will speak I shall hear them
65:25 The wolf and the lamb shall feed together, and the lion shall eat straw like the ox, and the snake his bread of dust, and they shall do no harm, nor shall they destroy in all the mountain of my holiness, says Master Yah §
— Set Apart Aramaic Scriptures

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