Revelation 22:13-16

13. “I am Alap and the Taw, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the Completion.

14. Blessed are they who do His (Master YHWH’s) Mitzvot,{ⁿ⁸¹} that they may have a right to the TREE OF LIFE and may enter through the gates into the city.

15. WITHOUT (will be) dogs and sorcerers, and sexual sinners and manslayers and idolaters, and everyone that loves and does falsehood.

16. I Y’shua՚ have sent my Messenger to testify to you these things before the assemblies. I am the root and offspring of David: LIKE the splendid star of the morning.

ⁿ⁸¹ Very important! Y’shua՚ is talking, so these are YHWH’s ‘Mitzvot’ (Commandments), not his. This is also the original reading in Revelation. The “wash your robes” line was substituted later, as a way to downplay the obvious pro-Torah message at the end of the New Testament. This is, in effect, the last speech Y’shua՚ gives to the world. There are actually two ancient Greek witnesses that are split on the matter, and one may have arisen as a scribal error to the other between ‘plunontes tas stolas’ (wash their robes) and ‘poiountes tas entolas’ (do his commandments).

— Based on the AENT 2016 Translation, pages 737-738.

For What it's worth, "wash your robes" is already in 7:14.

Editor: Clifton Ray Hodges

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