Colossians 2:8-15


He Put Them To Shame By The Manifestation Of His Qnoma 

Analytical of Colossians 2:8-15


Note: Superscript Tildes (“~”) denotes “Textual Notes” At Bottom. 

8. Beware, or else any man makes you naked by philosophy and by vain deception, according to the doctrines of men, according to the rudiments of the world, and not according to THE MESSIAH.
9. Within THE MESSIAH the entire physical manifestation of “THE MIGHTY ONE” ~ is embodied. ~
10. And within Him you are also included, so that He is the head of all thrones and powers.
11. And through Whom you are circumcised the circumcision not of the hands, but by the shedding of the flesh of sin, by the circumcision of THE MESSIAH,
12. And you were buried with Him through the baptism, and within Him you rose up together, so as you may believe in the power of “THE MIGHTY ONE” Who resurrected Him from the house of the dead.
13. And you who were dead in your sins and uncircumcised in the flesh, He resurrected you with Himself and He forgave us all our sins, 14. and, by his mandates, he blotted out the handwriting of our (sinful) debts~ which (handwriting) existed against us and took (it) from the midst and affixed (it) to The Tree.
15. And by sending out His apostles from His body, they spread [His commandments] to all the thrones and authorities, and He put them all to shame by The Manifestation of His Trinity~.


Textual Note(s): 

~2:9.1 [CRH: “MIGHTY ONE”: Aramaic reads: “Alaha”, basically meaning “Divine/Mighty One”, and is a multi-usage generic word, like “father”] 

~2:9.2 “Within Whom is constructed all G‑dhead (Aramaic: “Alahuth” {“אַלָהֻותָֿ”}; Hebrew: “Elohuth” {“אלֺהוּת”}) bodily.”  

~2:14 The Aramaic word “khab” means both “sin” and “debt” and in this case both meanings are meant simultaneously. Also, the Aramaic word “shtar” means “handwriting” but specifically the kind of handwriting that is on a bill, which makes sense if you have debts. The end result of all this is that the certificate of debts/sins cannot be Torah. Instead, it is the written second witness of our sins which would normally require penalties but is nailed to the crossbeams of the Tree. YHWH requires that two witnesses come forward to execute a criminal. He even holds Himself to this standard if He is one of the witnesses. As a result, when Y’shua takes the certificate of our sins, he is in effect taking that required second witness out of the way. Without the written second witness, though we sin, we cannot be destroyed for that sin, and can then approach our Heavenly Father YHWH for the gift of eternal life. (Matt 6:12 some Greek texts read “forgive our debts” and others “forgive our offenses.”)  

~2:15 [CRH: Refers to the Eastern World and Messianic Trinity (QNOMA) Version (these 2 versions are compatible), maybe Chinese version also, and NOT the later “transposed” version of the Qnoma, resulting in the Centuries Johnny-Came-Later RCC and Western World Trinity version which is oft deemed to as an “Corruption of The Qnoma”, albeit not all “Westerners” go by that Western World Version.] 

REGARDING THE QNOMA: To relegate (to send or consign to an inferior position, place, or condition) the doctrine of the "3 is 1" to a fourth-century adaptation of paganism is to ignore the conclusions that several Jewish theologians and teachers had reached four centuries earlier, from The Mighty One's revelations given to Israel before the time of the coming of Messiah. 


Resources Used for this DOC: The AONT 2013 and AENT 2016 Bibles, and something else used in regard to ‘relegating the Qnoma’.

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