A Battle Between The Almighty And Akel Qartsa  {the feeder of slander/the accuser i.e. the devil}?

Jude 1:9. 

But Michael the chief Messenger who, in debate with the Accuser contended about the body of Mosheh,³ did not venture to bring against him a reviling declaration; but said, “Master YHWH rebuke you.” 

Textual Notes✏:

³ Scholars suggest that this phrase “Accuser contended about the body of Moshe” was part of an oral tradition that was later weaved into an apocryphal pseudepigraphical work called The Assumption of Mosheh. The tradition may have arisen because of the two men named Joshua; Joshua the son of Nun and Joshua the son of Yehozadak, that connect Moshe’s death scene in Deuteronomy 34, with the quotation in Zechariah.

Textual Notes✏: 

“YHWH rebuke you” is the proper way to cast out demons, speaking our own words risks engaging demons and giving them permissions. “YHWH rebuke you” is quoted from Zechariah 3:1. The Hebrew ‘ga’ar’ (rebuke) is also used this way in Malachi 3:11 where YHWH says, “I will ga’ar (rebuke) the devourer for your sakes.”

The Hebrew Scriptures mention several classes of demons such as “se’irim” and “shedim.” In Leviticus 17:7 the Israelites sacrificed to 'se’irim' (hairy beings or satyrs) also found in Isaiah 13:21; 34:14 and 2 Chronicles 11:15.

The Israelites sacrificed to 'shedim' (demons) Deuteronomy 32:17 and Psalms 106:37. Some Bible translations obscure the meaning of 'se’irim' and 'shedim' leading many Jews and Christians to believe that demons are not mentioned in the Hebrew Tanakh. Jewish and Christian traditions also obscure vital Scriptural elements of understanding the spiritual realm and knowing how to deal with demons.

Rabbinical Judaism tries to defeat demons by religious traditions, prayer and keeping Torah, but not understanding the Kingdom of Heaven or knowing Mashiyach has left many souls exposed and vulnerable. The lower worlds (demons) created religious pride, elitism, discrimination, ego, sectarianism, and the pride of cultural identity to entrap souls in religious identity strongholds. The Christian world thinks along the lines of Dualism, a Roman-Greco mindset, which comes from paganism.

Dualism views YHWH as a Good God and the Devil as an evil “god,” and the two are at war with each other. In reality, YHWH is Echad (One), Master over all good and evil. YHWH sends the “angel of death” or “the destroyer” or “slaughterer” in Exodus 12:23 killing the firstborn sons.

Scripture shows YHWH over all and in control of the demonic realm, “And it came to pass on the morrow, that the evil spirit from Elohim” (1 Samuel 18:10). “YHWH has put a lying spirit in the mouth of all of your prophets” (1 Kings 22:23). “YHWH has mingled a perverse spirit in the midst thereof” (Isaiah 19:14). The story of Job sheds insight, “And YHWH said to The Adversary, he is in your power; but save his life” (Job 2:6). YHWH permits The Chief Adversary to only go so far. (Cp. 1 Corinthians 10:13)

YHWH is the Lifegiver to the spirit realm. Paul writes, “Elohim will send upon them the strength of a deception that they may believe a lie” (2 Thessalonians 2:11).

Y’shua՚ says “Many will say to me in that day, “My master, my master! By your name, have we not prophesied? And by your name have we cast out demons? And by your name have we done many miracles? And then I will profess to them that from everlasting, I have not known you. Depart from me, you workers of iniquity” (Matt 7:22‑23). Demons don’t prefer one religion over another, whether Judaism, Christianity, New Age Occults, Evolutionism, etc., what they want is control and authority over YHWH’s people. 

— Based on footnote 4 for Jude 1:9 (and how it is rendered) on p. 466 of the AENT 2016 Translation

{Cp. also Isaiah 45:7 in reference to PEACE and EVIL:”For he formed light and he created darkness, he made peace and he created evil.…”}.


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