As a side note, the name "Eashoa" is an Aramaic Equivalent adjustment of the Hebrew form "Yeshua" (The Renewed Covenant Messiah), which there are dozens of different translations are used across this Big piece of Real Estate called "Earth", throughout the ages ... in "Western Civilizations", the approximately 260 years old English translation "Jesus" is the most common, though I'm accustomed to using "Yeshu[a]" since the year 1980 when I began to learn Hebrew (Sephardic Dialect). "Eashoa" is used in a couple of my Bibles in place of the actual Aramaic "Eshu", in order to avoid a name collision and confusion. Not all translators in the World subscribe to doing this in translations.

This Page illustrates how the TRUTH word, synonyms, and definitions is used in the Hebraic languages and in the Bible, in reference to
2) THE SON (who is the TRUTH), and
3) The Spirit of TRUTH.

And the Hebraic words equally mean, Aramaic: "genuineness" and "integrity"; Hebrew (Strong’s Nbr H571): which also means "firmness" and "faithfulness" as well with "truth" {{cp. Jeremiah 10:10... MarYah is an Alaha {CRH: "Divine/Mighty One"} of TRUTH (H571), He is the living Alaha... ... etc.}}.

Yeshua said to him, “Ena Na (I AM I) Uhra (The Way) and Shrara (The TRUTH) and the Khaye (Life/Salvation). No man comes to the Father except by me… ”

— Yukhanan/John 14:6; Lapid Jewish Aramaic New Testament.

There’s not full agreement on whether Yeshua was talking about Himself as the Mighty One Of TRUTH, alone, in John 17:3, or Abba (His “Daddy”, which we refer to as His Father). Due to context, like being “SENT”, etc., my POV is the latter.

More comments follow, providing more scriptures on how SHRARA (TRUTH) is used in the NT, as well as access to a link for the audiences to see more scripture references where “SHRARA” is used. The Hebrew word is EMET, or EMETH (Strongs H571).

John 4 •24 For Alaha is a Rukha and those who worship him must worship by the Rukha and with TRUTH.”

For the NT, SHRARA (TRUTH, etc. ::: D2596), it appears as well in

Mark 5:33, 12:14, Luke 1:4, John 1:9, 8:32 {a fave: And you will know the TRUTH and that TRUTH will set you free}, John 17:3, 17, Act 26:25, 2 Cor 11:10, Gal 4:16, 3 Joh 1:3 ... and 86 other places, which you can see them all, what English term is used, with a scripture rendering, by entering 2596 in the box that says "Dict No" for it, at:

This is at Janet M. Mageria’s site, which did the APNT Bible, others, and other Books, with lessons and goodies at her site:

You can find some of the publications at Amazon (APNT is available for Kindle – this translation uses the KJV Anglican Modern-Styled English, but a Messianic Version is available as well …APNT-MV).

May the TRUTH of His Blessings be with ya all. ❤

John 14:17. the Spirit of TRUTH that the world is not able to receive, because it has not seen him and does not know him. But you know him, because he lives with you and he [is] in you.

John 15:26. Now when the Deliverer comes, whom I will send to you from my Father, the Spirit of TRUTH who has proceeded from my Father, he will testify about me.

John 16:13. But when the Spirit of TRUTH comes, he will lead you into all TRUTH, for he will not speak of his own mind. But everything that he hears, he will speak and he will make known to you future [things].

1 John 4:6. But we are from God and he who knows God hears us and he who is not from God will not hear us. By this we know the Spirit of TRUTH and the spirit of deception.

Another word, Sharira, Dict Nbr 2593, but like Nbr 2596, is of the same root, Nbr 2591 (Shar), which has the definitions of “true”, “genuine”, “trustworthy”; “strong”, “strong”, “steadfast”, “lasting”, “sure”; “assured”, “certain”, “solid”, “the truth”. Examples

John 3:33 – But he who receives his witness confirms that Alaha is TRUE.

John 7:18 – He who speaks from the will of his [own] mind seeks glory for himself. Now he who seeks the glory of him who sent him is TRUE and has no wickedness in his heart.

John 7:28-2928 And Jesus lifted up his voice as he taught in the temple and said, “You both know me and you know from where I [am]. And I did not come by my own will, but he is TRUE who sent me, whom you do not know. 29 But I know him, because I [am] from his presence and he has sent me.”

You can use the same database referenced in the comment above, (… by entering 2596 in the box that says "Dict No" for it, at …) with the link, to see the other scriptures, except enter 2593 for the Dict No. this time. Have Fun!

And Remember, the TRUTH will set you free! 😏

2 Corinthians 4:4 To them whose minds the god [Aram. ALAHEH. Plural.] of this world has blinded, in order that they might not believe, or else the light of the Flame (Good News) of the glory of the Messiah (who is the likeness of The Mighty One [Aram. ALAHA]) should dawn upon them. (2 Corinthians 4:4).

And speaking of the Multi-Usage Shared Common Generic English “god” word, there is the generic “father” word as well... for lies and deceits. See John 8:44.

John 1:14 And The Miltha became flesh and lived among us and we saw his glory, the glory as of the unique one who was from the Father, who is full of grace and TRUTHFULNESS.