The Original Name (Hebraic: Title) Of The Messiah

Out of over 6,500 languages (9068+ Dialects within those languages) in the Whole World, English is just one of those thousands that don't have an equivalent for putting the Messiah's original name of the original phonetic of it into script, due to the last letter in the Hebrew/Aramaic ("AYIN"/"AIN", respectfully) in the His ORIGINAL name; it's the same letter that, in Hebrew, which is used as the first letter for aka words like "Gaza" and "Gomorrah".
  In this Video, we get as close as we can to speaking that letter, "AYIN", the last letter in the Messiah's original name. Nevertheless, in the current age, 9,000+ languages have to deal with "translations".
 In English, we can only get 66.7% as close to a transliteration to the Original Name; other languages can't get that close.