Born From The Beginning

Yochanan (John) 3:3-8

Different regions of this whole wide world and individuals thereof, have their way of extracting terms from this passage{1}, i.e. Born Anew, Born From Above, “Redeemed”, and the long time term usages in the Western World and Most Westerners, the handicapp term of Born Again

{1} It Could Depend On What The Given Translation(s) Use, As Well.

3. Y’shua՚ answered and said to him, “Amen, amen³² I say to you, that if a man is not born from the beginning,³³ he is not able to see the Kingdom of Elohim.” 

4. Niqodemus said to him, “How is it possible to enter the womb of his mother the second time and be born?” 

5. And Y’shua՚ answered and said to him, “Amen, amen I say to you, that if a man is not born from water and spirit,³⁴ he is not able to enter into the Kingdom of Elohim

6. The thing, which is born from flesh, is flesh, and the thing, which is born³⁵ from spirit, is spirit.³⁶ 

7. Do not marvel that I have said to you that it is necessary for you to be born from the beginning

8. The wind³⁷ will blow where it desires, and you hear its voice. But you do not know from where it comes or to where it goes. Likewise is everyone who is born from spirit.”

✏Textual Notes✏:

{32} Here is the first of the “Double Amens.” When two of the same words appear together in Hebrew or Aramaic it is a “double amplifier,” meant to sharpen our spiritual focus. Y’shua՚ uses a double “amen” here to point to a very deep matter that requires us to be in “prayer mode” to understand and receive his teaching. Please see footnote on Yochanan 6:26 in AENT Translation.

{33} Literally, “from the start” as Adam who was born into perfection without sin. This refers to the Ruach haKodesh {"Spirit Of Holiness"} birthing the “image of Elohim” (perfection) into the Neshama (spirit of man). The term “born again” can be rather misleading as though being born once more, or a “rebirth” rather than experiencing the indwelling of the perfection of YHWH. See Genesis 1:27; 6:9; 17:1; Deut 18:13.

 Another handicap of the term “born again” is that many are told that they are “born again” when they accept certain theologies or become part of a Christian denomination, or get on a “religious high.” But then, some are informed that they’re not “born again” when they disagree with the teachings of the religious status quo.

 The term “born again” has become a religio-political term that is used to judge souls and/or manipulate them into subjection to various religious hierarchies. Many followers of Messiah experience a series of “born anew-like” experiences as from “faith to faith” (Romans 1:17). However, you have confidence of being “born anew” when your soul thirsts for righteousness and follows in the footsteps of Messiah, observing Torah, and living to please Master YHWH.

 This is evidence that you’ve entered into Covenant with YHWH which is established in Messiah’s blood. See Appendix, "Born from the Beginning" in the AENT Translation. 

{34} Rukha can mean either “Spirit” and “Wind”; in this context the Spirit is the proper translation. ( – Paul Younan). 

{35} Khabouris has an isolated beyt here, between the words “which is born” and “from.” 

{36} Numbers 14:24; Ezekiel 11:19; Isaiah 66:5-14; Zech 7:12.

{37} In this wordplay, Maran (Master) Y’shua՚ demonstrates the dual meaning of the Aramaic word “Rukha.” {"Spirit"} (  –Paul Younan).

– AENT 2008-2016:5th Edition, p. 263.

Editor: Clifton Ray Hodges


Cp. Morphological Table at:

The Greek Translation recognizes the same as the Hebraic sources:

Excerpt from that Lexicon:

Usage: (a) from above, from heaven, (b) from the beginning, from their origin (source), from of old, (c) again, anew. Noticed from the examples on that page the phrase is used in Luke 1:3 in NASB as "carefully from the beginning, to write"; and Acts 26:5 in KJV as "me from the beginning, if".

Excerpts from the LJANT Translation, (John):

3. Yeshua answered and said to him, “Amen, amen I say to you, that if a Nash (Man) is not born from the beginning, he is not able to see the Malkutha (Kingdom) of Alaha (G‑d).” 

7. Do not marvel that I have said to you that it is necessary for you to be born from the beginning.

LEGEND: AENT = Aramaic English New Testament

LJANT = Lapid Jewish Aramaic New Testament

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