Issues about John 1:18…?

The Greek translations for the Western World have gone over the map with textual variants over the past 1,800+ years, soaring in different directions, and even contradicting with each other; but let's look at a few examples from the different Greek Text forms; through the ages of the Centuries, it appears during the transmissions of the Greek traditions, (in English) the words (some often "shared", even "Jesus" word), "God", "Jesus", "Son", "Christ", and "Lord", have been interchangeable in the very same verses and places;.

A very few examples, which includes John 1:18 out of the stack, which some in the Western World take issue with. So then, what about these others?

My Picks, which are based on the PA (Peshitta Aramaic) Texts:
MT/TR for Romans 10:17, 14:10, Ephesians 5:21, Colossians 2:2; CT for John 1:18 (with, or without a Genitive: "of"), Colossians 3:15, 1 Peter 3:15.
However, in the early 1990's, I was a TR Greek Onlyist.

1:18 MT/ TR: Son – CT: God
::: PA: [of] God (unusual agreement with CT)

9:35 MT/ TR: of God – CT: of Humanity
::: PA: of God

10:17 MT/ TR: of God. – CT: of Christ.
::: PA: God

14:10 MT/ TR: of Christ. – CT: of God.
::: PA: of The Messiah

5:21 MT/ CT: Christ – TR: God
::: PA: The Messiah

2:2 MT/ TR: of both God the Father and of Christ –
CT: of God, [which is] Christ
::: PA: of God The Father and of The Messiah

3:15 MT/ TR: God – CT: Christ
::: PA: The Messiah (unusual agreement with CT)

3:15 MT/ TR: the Lord God – CT: Christ [as] Lord
::: PA: Master YHWH The Messiah (unusual close agreement with CT)

THAS 2017 (22 Book Eastern World Canon):

1 Peter 3:15 but rather, be consecrated in your hearts unto MarYa Meshikha {The Lord-YHWH, The Anointed One}, and be ready to answer in The Rukha {The Spirit} unto all who ask of you The Miltha {The Word}, concerning The Sabra d'Haymanuthkun {The Hope of your Faith}, in humility and in reverence,

ABPE 2007 instead uses the "JEHOVAH" word (Contains 22 Books + the Western 5 Books):

3:15 But hallow THE LORD JEHOVAH The Messiah in your hearts, and be ready to return a defense to everyone who requests a statement from you about the hope of your faith, in meekness and in reverence,

Greek Grammatically Coded to read YHWH due to lack of Definite Article preceding "Κύριον" …

Well, there's more... anyone in the audience can see how Bibles differ for these, can do an internet search, on their own electronic devices, and own time,

Ephesians 5:21 Parallel

an example that can be brought up from the listings:

like for Ephesians 5:21, like this One Site example: 5:21

This is not an issue with those of us (i.e. in Messianic Faith Circles) that recognize these words are interchangeable with each other, as well as for Greeks fluent in the language in Greece. In the U.S.A., think about 10 people in a room where their Bibles are DIFFERENT from each other, in this respect, and other things. It is an issue for others in the Western World, though. And kind of why, that to some of us that know this, the issue of these so called "debates" are mind-boggling, and head shaking. 😮