Across The Planet

Two Text-Types used across the Planet as primary sources for the New Covenant Scriptures to other vernacular languages.

▩ For Several Centuries, Easterners / Westerners knew nothing about the Greek / Aramaic (respectfully) NT texts, and have lived and died without knowing about “the other” texts, and some never do. So I’m aware of the issues of “Aramaic Primacyfor Easterners and “Greek Primacyfor Westerners.

▩ Whichever one wants to believe what came first, a global view is that these two text types have existed in this big World for over 1,942 years. FWIW, Aramaic is a PRIMARY language (and the Language Messiah Yeshua & Co. Spoke and used, and probably why it’s easy to convert an ANTI-MISSIONARY when these texts are reviewed, since Aramaic is a Hebraic language), and Greek is a SECONDARY Language to this issue;

▩ The Standard Eastern Peshitta Canon does not include the aka “Western 5” Books, ‘2 John’, ‘3 John’, ‘2 Peter’, ‘Jude’, and ‘Revelation’, and these are not considered “scripture” or talked about in congregational meetings.

Obviously, given this situation has been for eons, I am comfortable, that what is detrimental and Salvific has, and does come across well in the thousands of languages on this great sized Planet of about 225 Countries. 👍🏼

• We don't really know how many languages there were in the 1st Century CE, but according to Researcher David Sánchez, there are estimations ranging from 170 million people up to 250 million people. He assumes around 200 Million.

• As of 2018, there are over 6,500 known languages (over 9,050 dialects within those) in the World. In New Covenant times, Eastern Languages went East, and Western Languages went West, i.e. Aramaic was the Lingua Franca (e.g. Persia) and its Venuclars in the East, and Greek was the Lingua Franca (e.g. Rome) and its Venuclars in the West, although amidst the area there, there were multiple languages there, which of course included Latin.

• It's a Big Planet and Large World and the Compiled Volumes of Scriptures contain different "books", some up to 80 books, or even 81 for the Ethiopian "Bible", since it includes the "1st Book Of Enoch" (the Ethiopian Version). The term "bible" is a Western World concept, which is not used globally.

Greek Copies were "additionally" made from the Semitic Language(s), which were needed for the Western World. 

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