Clifton Hodges

My Short Bio: I was physically born in mid 1957, USA, Planet Earth. I have a History of Studies of Biblical Languages, Linguistics, Grammarians, etc., for Decades. Retired Now (2022). New Covenant Messianic Gentile, and I was "BORN ANEW" on 03/13/72, began to Learn Hebrew (The Sephardic Dialect) in early of 1980, and got heavily and deeper into Textual Studies in 1992, and began to learn Koine Greek, and continued education in that until July 2008. I've been consulted by various Ministries in the World from localized to International. The reason for this is my knowledge in the linguistics of the Grammar and Syntax of the Ancient Hebraic Languages, more so Hebrew than Aramaic. I'm a Messianic, that has preached, done teaching, shared resources, and been a student as well from others that teach and share, for years. I was physically born in 1957.