Preaching The Message Of The Tree

Tearing Down Human Made Inventions

John 19:31

'… the bodies (PLURAL) should not remain upon THE cross (SINGULAR) on the sabbath day …' — KJV 1769

'...that the bodies (PLURAL) should not remain on THE stake (SINGULAR) on the Sabbath...' — TS 2009

3 grown human bodies on a singular stake of dead wood is more asinine than claiming there were 3 grown human bodies on a single criss-cross of 2 pieces of dead wood. Well, 2 grown human bodies could work for that. But we are dealing with 3 men here.

Now, as of recent years, some Bibles based on one of the 3 primary GNTs (Greek New Testaments) used for years now, have fudged the paperwork, and pluralized their acclaimed "execution" devices, even though neither of those 3 GNTs support that.

Now we see in John 19:7, the Messiah didn’t die via Roman Law, but Yehudean law (Deuteronomy 21:22-23), and in v18, the Messiah was in the midst of the two bandits, one on one side, and the other on the other side. Now we see in John 19:32, that the soldiers:

There blows those pictorials of 3 separate and spaced-apart individual “crosses” / “stakes” / “poles” out of the water. Also, we see in v41 the 3 were not executed on a desolate hill, but a garden.

"Then, since it was Preparation, that the bodies (PLURAL) not remain on THE Tree (SINGULAR) on the Sabbath, for that Sabbath was a holy day, the Jews asked Pilate that their legs might be broken and they be taken away."; — HRB 2015.

A much better reading. 👍🏼

The issue that all 3 men were executed, with a vertical cross-beam of dead dry wood, for each of them, on a green living Tree has been known by a narrow path of people since then, and has continued on throughout history. The 2nd Century 'Melito of Sardis' wrote about it, as best as I can recall, death to the world came in via a Tree (in this Garden of Eden) and death was dealt with the Tree the Messiah was executed on, and in the future, will be the TREE OF LIFE.

This knowledge has come back more to life in the 21st Century, especially with the Internet, Social Media, etc. How many nails were used to execute the Messiah? Ever how many Thomas noted from the “prints” on His hands of in the Gospel of John 20. Cp. verses 25 & 27.

...O', that o' rugged Tree...☺

More on this to follow… (it took me 4 notes on FB years ago for this, but not really that many "printer pages" excluding links).

Tree Got Roasted

What happened to that Tree

The Messiah was executed upon?

The Tree that the Messiah was crucified on (along with 2 malefactors) was reportedly cut down and burned by the Pharisees since it was considered a tree of a blasphemer and therefore cursed. But they sure won't be able to burn down the next Tree:

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