Translations Of The Messiah's Hebraic Titles/Names

This addresses the translations of the Renewed Covenant Messiah's `titles` (in English, we call those `names`) into an array of other languages in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD… because as of 2018 AD, there are over 9,050 dialects (within over 6,500 languages) that don’t have an exact Equivalent (INCLUDING ENGLISH) to transliterate the ORIGINAL Name of the Messiah into script 100%, so, almost all of the 9,050+ dialects in the world have to deal with translations.

Not ALL dialects are equal and exact to each other. And if the translation truly refers to the "SHÊM" (Please Refer to your preferred Lexicon(s) for Strong's Hebrew H8034), of the Messiah, and reflects His true "SHÊM", and is attuned and aligned to His "SHÊM", it’s just as good as the ORIGINAL 'title' / ‘name’ of the Messiah – Obviously, the Hebraic / Semitic Languages have the capability for the ORIGINAL ‘name’ of the Messiah, as well as Chinese, and some Asian languages.

We see some translations as being derived from the Hebraic (Hebrew: "יֵשׁוּע" / Aramaic: "ܝܫܘܥ") form, and since there were translations 'also' put into Greek for benefit of the West and Westerners, we see some translations being derived from the Greek translations, presumably "Koine", "Ιησούς", as opposed to "Modern" form, "Iisús". Notice the translations with an "s" or "z" at the end of the word formation of the translation.

The photos are for the benefit of others to share, and I have those translations in text, in different layouts, where people can COPY and POST into `Posts, Comments, etc.` – See the translations below of this page in the different layouts. You can also TAP here to access the Google DOC. Take note that a lot of those translations you see with the letter "J" actually take on the sound of the English "H".

As for the common forms, "Yeshua", or "Yeshuah", the "a" / "ah" at the end is just a "filler" to replace the Hebrew Letter "AYIN" ("ע"), which takes on a guttural "nG" (i.e. "sang") sound to the back of the throat.
Cp. "
Gomorrah" and "Gaza" in the Hebrew Dialect.

As the ole saying goes, "it's the thought that counts", and it's hard to tell what the pronunciation of "yeshua" (or "jesus" and others, for that matter) means in any other given language, which may have a whole different meaning, or meanings, possibly even quite negative.


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Language – Name/variant

"Afrikaans – Jesus"

"Albanian – Jezusi"

"Arabic – `Isà عيسى (Islamic or classical arabic) / Yasū` يسوع (Christian or latter arabic)"

"Aragonese – Chesús"

"Aramaic/Syriac – ܝܫܘܥ (Isho[e]/Ishu[e])" -- An “E” can be used in place of an “I”.

"Arberesh – Isuthi"

"Armenian – Հիսուս (Eastern Armenian) Յիսուս (Western Armenian) (Hisus)"

"Azerbaijani – İsa"

"Belarusian – Ісус (Isus) (Orthodox) / Езус (Yezus) (Catholic)"

"Bengali – যীশু (Jeeshu/Zeeshu) (Christian) 'ঈসা ('Eesa) (Islamic)"

"Breton – Jezuz"

"Catalan – Jesús"

"Chinese – simplified Chinese: 耶稣; traditional Chinese: 耶穌; pinyin: Yēsū"

"Cornish – Yesu"

"Czech – Ježíš"

"Dutch – Jezus"

"Estonian – Jeesus"

"Filipino – Jesús (Christian and secular) / Hesús or Hesukristo (religious)"

"Fijian – Jisu"

"Finnish – Jeesus"

"French – Jésus"

"Galician – Xesús"

"Garo – Jisu"

"Georgian – იესო (Ieso)"

"Ghanaian – Yesu"

"Greek – Ιησούς (Iisús modern Greek pronunciation)"

"Haitian Creole – Jezi"

"Hausa – Yesu"

"Hawaiian – Jesu"

"Hebrew – Yeshu ישו (Jewish – secular) / Yeshua יֵשׁוּעַ (Christian)"

"Hindustani – ईसा / عيسى (īsā)"

"Hmong Daw – Yexus"

"Hungarian – Jézus"

"Icelandic – Jesús"

"Igbo – Jisos"

"Indonesia – Yesus (Christian) / Isa (Islamic)"

"Irish – Íosa"

"Italian – Gesù"

"Japanese – イエス (Iesu)/イエズス (Iezusu)(Catholic)/ゼス(zesu) ゼズス(zezusu)(Kirishitan)イイスス(Iisusu)(Eastern Orthodox)"

"Jinghpaw – Yesu"

"Kazakh – Иса (Isa)"

"Khmer – យេស៑ូវ (Yesu)"

"Kisii – Yeso"

"Korean – 예수 (Yesu)"

"Kurdish – Îsa"

"Latvian – Jēzus"

"Ligurian – Gesû"

"Limburgish – Zjezus"

"Lithuanian – Jėzus"

"Lombard – Gesü"

"Luganda – Yesu"

"मराठी-Marathi – येशू - Yeshu"

"Malayalam – ഈശോ (Isho) – യേശു (Yeshu) – കോശി (Koshi)"

"Mirandese – Jasus"

"Maltese – Ġesù"

"Neapolitan – Gèsù"

"Norman – Jésus"

"Occitan – Jèsus"

"Piedmontese – Gesù"

"Polish – Jezus"

"Portuguese – Jesus"

"Romanian – Isus (Catholic) / Iisus (Eastern Orthodox)"

"Russian – Иисус (Iisus)"

"Sardinian – Gesùs"

"Serbo-Croatian – Isus / Исус"

"Sicilian – Gesù"

"Sinhala – ජේසුස් වහන්සේ - Jesus Wahanse"

"Scottish Gaelic – Ìosa"

"Slovak – Ježiš"

"Slovenian – Jezus"

"Spanish – Jesús"

"Swahili – Yesu"

"Sylheti – যীশু (Zishu) (Christian) 'ঈছা ('Eesa) (Islamic)"

"Tajik – Исо (Iso)"

"Tamil – இயேசு - Yesu"

"Telugu – Yesu"

"Thai – เยซู - "Yesu""

"Turkish – İsa"

"Turkmen – Isa"

"Ukrainian – Ісус (Isus)"

"Uzbek – Iso"

"Venetian – Jesu"

"Vietnamese – Giêsu"

"Welsh – Iesu"

"Yoruba – Jesu"

"Zulu – uJesu"

Line Per Line:

Albanian Jezusi

Arabic `Isà عيسى (Islamic) / Yasū`(a) يسوع (Christian)

Aragonese Chesús

Aramaic/Syriac ܝܫܘܥ (Isho) (Ishu). “I” sounds like a “Y”’d “e”, I.e. “Elite”.

Armenian Հիսուս (Hisus)

Azerbaijani İsa

Belarus Ісус (Isus) (Orthodox) / Езус (Yezus) (Catholic)

Bengali যীশু

Bosnian Isus

Breton Jezuz

Catalan Jesús

Chinese 耶稣 (Simplified), 耶穌 (Traditional) – Yēsū (Mandarin), Yèh-sōu (Cantonese)

Cornish Yesu

Croatian Isus

Czech Ježíš

Dutch Jezus

Estonian Jeesus

Filipino Jesús (Christian and secular) / Hesús or Hesukristo (religious)

Finnish Jeesus

French Jésus

Galician Xesús

Garo Jisu

Georgian იესო (Ieso)

Greek Ιησούς (Iisoús modern Greek pronunciation)

Haitian Creole Jezi

Hawaiian Jesu

Hebrew Yeshu ישו (Jewish, secular) / Yeshua יֵשׁוּעַ (Christian)

Hmong Daw Yexus

Hungarian Jézus

Icelandic Jesús

Indonesia Yesus (Christian) / Isa (Islamic)

Irish Íosa

Italian Gesù


イエス (Iesu)/イエズス (Iezusu)(Catholic)/ゼス(zesu) ゼズス(zezusu)(Kirishitan)

Kazakh Иса (Isa)

Korean 예수 (Yesu)

Kurdish Îsa

Latvian Jēzus

Ligurian Gesû

Limburgish Zjezus

Lithuanian Jėzus

Lombard Gesü

मराठी-Marathi येशू - Yeshu

Malayalam ഈശോ (Isho), യേശു (Yeshu), കോശി (Koshi)

Mirandese Jasus

Maltese Ġesù

Neapolitan Gèsù

Norman Jésus

Occitan Jèsus

Piedmontese Gesù

Polish Jezus

Portuguese Jesus

Romanian Isus

Russian Иисус (Iisus)

Sardinian Gesùs

Serbian Исус (Isus)

Sicilian Gesù

Sinhala ජේසුස් වහන්සේ - Jesus Wahanse

Scottish Gaelic Ìosa

Slovak Ježiš

Slovenian Jezus

Spanish Jesús

Swahili Yesu

Tajik Исо (Iso)

Tamil இயேசு - Yesu

Telugu Yesu

Thai เยซู - "Yesu"

Turkish İsa

Turkmen Isa

Ukrainian Ісус (Isus)

Urdu (یسوع)

Uzbek Iso

Venetian Jesu

Vietnamese Giêsu

Welsh Iesu

Zulu uJesu

In regards to what makes a difference between the English words "title" and "name" in the Hebraic Language, versus the English Language, please: