The "God" word of confusions

With the exception of “Eil” (“Êl”) (and the synonymous equivalents (e.g. MOST HIGH, THE HIGHEST, {Heavenly} “Father”), The approximately ½ Millennia old English Multi-Usage Wildcard Generic Denotation Referent “god” slang word stems from Hebraic GENERIC COMMON words, that applies to those in Heaven and Earth (For example, Cp. 1 Corinthians 8:5), and have been by the Billions throughout the ages (GOOD and bad): BASIC MEANING: "MIGHTY ONE and/or DIVINE ONE". JUST A GENERIC TITLE. JUST A SHARED "TITLE", and not an exclusively, unique solitary personal pronoun, where the Hebraic (Hebrew/Aramaic) and Biblical Scriptures, Targums, etc. are concerned.

Those Hebraic COMMON / GENERIC words are also used in reference to Angels, false deities, demons, etc. – this is a different case for the Secular World, other religions, especially ISLAM/MUSLIM religion or any "mentality likeness" of that religion …

In the Gospels, Y'shua worshiped, prayed to, asked of / from the FATHER (“Dad”), and taught us to do the same, and that's an ALL AROUND generic shared word. And it's not talking about another “father”, like Abraham as referenced in John 8:39,56, and surely not any in John 8:44. A brilliant strategy, and spin-off from Jeremiah 3:19. 👍

Very little in the Gospels did Y'shua even use the "Alaha" / “Elohim” / “Eloah” / etc (KJV: God) words, and even then, was generally only IN REFERENCE. A noteworthy place He did, is in the John 14:1 reference.