Unity, multiplied As One, Dispatched (Descension), Returned (Ascension), Love, Peace, etc.

Ephesians 4:1-10

1. I therefore, a prisoner in our Master (Y’shua), beg of you that you walk as it becomes the calling by which you are called,
2. With all lowliness of mind and quietness and long suffering; and that you are forbearing one towards another in LOVE.
3. And be earnest to keep the unity of the Spirit in a bond of PEACE;
4. So that you may become one body and one Spirit; even as you are called to the one Hope of your calling.
5. There is one Master YHWH, one Faith and one immersion.
6. One Alaha, Father of all, ‘Who is above all’ and ‘through all’ and ‘in ALL OF US’ ('as ONE').
7. But to every one of us is given grace according to the ‘measure’ of the gift of Messiah.{28}
8. Therefore it is said: “He ascended on high and carried captivity away, and gave gifts to men.”{29}
9. Now that he ascended, what is it but that he also previously descended deep into the heart of the earth?
10. He who descended is also the same that ascended up, ‘HIGH ABOVE ALL THE HEAVENS’, that he might fulfill all things.
— AENT 2008-2016:5th Edition, p. 611.

✏Textual Notes✏:
■□ 4.1 “Yeshua”, or “Y’shua” (Supplemental Insertion).
■□ 4.2 “are forbearing”. Or, “be forbearing”.
■□ 4.3 The word “unity” is self-explanatory, for the word “one” in verses 4 and 5, i.e. ‘Together and simultaneously’.
■□ 4.4 “immersion”, i.e. “engross”, “embroil”, “engulf”, “absorb”, “wrap oneself into/with something”, i.e. get into it (embroil / absorb yourself into): The Word, The Faith, The Scriptures, The Father, The Son, The Spirit of Holiness, Prayer, Etc. etc.
See Matthew 3:11, “…He will Immerse {Baptize} you in The Rukha d’Qudsha {The Spirit of Holiness}, and in The Nura {The Fire}.”;

Mark 1:8, “I immerse {baptize} you in the maya {the waters}, but, He will immerse {baptize} you in The Rukha d’Qudsha {The Spirit of Holiness}!”;

Luke 3:16, “Yukhanan {John} answered and said unto them, “Behold, I Mamed {Immerse/Baptize} you in the maya {the waters}, but, He who comes after me, that One who is mightier than me, that One whom I’m not worthy that I should loosen the arqe {the leather straps} of His sandals, He will {Immerse/Baptize} you in The Rukha d’Qudsha {The Spirit of Holiness}, and in The Nura {The Fire}!”;

Acts 1:5, “that, Yukhanan {John} had Immersed {Baptized} in water, and you will be Immersed {Baptized} in The Rukha d’Qudsha {The Spirit of Holiness}, after not many days.”. Reiterated in Acts 11:16.
■□ 4.6 “Alaha” is the Aramaic Cognate for the Hebrew “Elohim” / "Eloah".

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