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Olam HaZeh | Athid Lavo | Olam Haba

I have referenced the term "Olam Haba" ("Future World to come") in a number of posts, and referred users to an example being Hebrews 2:5 (because it can be a context on its own) to see that is one place where the Hebraic Eschatology Term is used, and the parallels are Hebrews 6:5, 2 Peter 3:13, and Revelation 11:15. One can learn the term "Olam Haba" by Internet Searching.

Hebrews 2:5
• We know that God did not put the future world under the power of angels (CEV)
• For it was not to Angels that he subjected the future world, about which we are speaking; (HPBT)
• And furthermore, it is not angels who will control the future world we are talking about. (NLT)
• For he hath not subjected the future world, of which we are speaking, to the angels.(HNT)

Of course, these are Hebraic Eschatological terms, and not everybody believes in the Hebraic scriptures for those, or does believe them but haven't learned them yet. Consider also doing an Internet Search of the term "Olam HaZeh", which means the current world/age:

As well as "Athid Lavo":

In the attached photo of an excerpt of 1 Corinthians 15…
Verses 19-22 are talking about this life, "Olam Hazeh" ("Current World/Age"), and so does verse 23 but notes the next coming, which will be THE LAST DAY (of Olam Haba) as implied in verse 24, "And Then Will Be The Completion (of this phase)," which the next age will be the "Athid Lavo Age / Messianic Kingdom Age", where there will be a number of improvements we don't have for us now, After that age, then the Future "World To Come" Age (after the final death).

“Olam HaBa”, or “age/world to come” is the scriptural term, not so much about the Christian concept of heaven, but about a return to Paradise in Eden, a return to the world before sin entered. It refers to an age where time and space ceases to exist; all lifeforms will enter into new dimensions.
I've known this for decades as "GAN EDEN."

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