Misleading Critics

September 1, 2021

Paid Operatives (just follow the money!) like Lead Stories (read: misLEADing STORIES), among the other misinformer of this type. is well known for obscurating, adulterating, muddying the waters, distorting facts ripped for the integral of the whole) using auto-suggestive tricks to prime the mind to use mental linguistic tactics to hood wink people. The issue of people injected with the bioweapon (which is not a "vaccination", but far from it, but a bioweapon)

Throughout the year 2021, of all the dozens of deceptions, FB hired "independent" deceptive criminals do on FB (perhaps Twitter as well, and numbers of other Social Media Sites are not victims of these twists and turns, and tens of thousands meet in the streets and offline, so FB is wasting it's money, or have a willingness to mislead people, but it actually helps, since people with more critical thinking investigating things 👍), I have only encountered ONE I could not pull apart, clean up, and put back into context, and that was one I had no idea what article they were referring to and was unable to check what it REALLY said (But I surmise, a real doozy of a spin was done).




China-Funded ‘Fact-Checker’ Lead Stories Pushes Bullsh*t That Fulton County “Suitcase” Scandal Was Debunked — Will They EVER Tell the Truth?


Co-Founder of ‘Fact-Checker’ Snopes Busted Plagiarizing Under Fake Name

This really isn't any big surprise to a bulk of us folks, as the reputation of these people has dramatically declined since 2020, if not before, but especially afterwards. Access the Article Here:


Related to Fake / Falsely so-called "fact-checkers":

Lying fact-checkers caught out on not so secret Pfizer-Moderna contaminant


August 13, 2021 UPDATE:

Refuting (and beating) the aka (putting a nicer way) lazy butt "fact checkers" (in this case, misLEADing Stories)

(actually, I call the "fact blockers", since they obscure, omit contents, adulterate contexts, and play mental magical linguistic tricks (mind priming and auto suggestion)