The Reaper And the VIal and Jab, Courtesy of RED VOICE MEDIA

THE SYSTEMATIC SELF-INFLICTING DECREMENT OF THE MAJORITY OF THE LIBERAL/DEMOCRATIC CIVILIANS: Going by various Polls from Spring through Summer of 2021, It has been well noted and talked about offline, and online (across the World on the Internet and Networking formats), onward through 2021, and it appears, it will be a subject for chatter, that the majority of Liberal Democrats will decrease in population (since they are the majority taking in an "unrestricted multi-dimensional chimeric genetic biological /chemical weapon", with "soft kill" capabilities as well, into their the deltoid of their arms, stabbed through the veins), along with some casualties, and collateral damages, within 2 years of an incubation period from January 2021, or first inoculation(s)[a];

So that party will be eventually trimmed down for the most part, by suicide via the Needle stab, so from what is foreseen, over time, the "culling" is all going to come to pass by the year 2024, and they will be worm fodder. Liberal Democrats For Freedom, and likewise groups have sought to combat this, but now, it appears their efforts continue to fail, and have already failed, for many.

[a] though a long time former long time Pfizer employee says the incubation period can be up to 3 years for some people.

• Also, note that approximately 75% of Africans are not subjecting themselves to this risk. They've been subjected to these types of experiments before, and for many, "not this time and no more". If what is foreseen is correct, in time, there will be a decrease in the non-African population, and the Africans are still around, since they didn't risk the dangers.

Photo of Reaper, Vial, and Jab, courtesy of Red Voice Media.

By the end of July 2021, 124 Million Democrats took the risk of getting Biological Weaponized Pathogenic elements, and more, injected into the deltoid of their arms, which does not stay there. The 64 million of the others of the 188 million did the same. For every 2 to 3 Democrats that took this dangerous risk, only 1 of the others did the same. Nevertheless, we note millions of Vials are/were just Placebo, like 0.9% Saline, aka B9.

Another issue, is that not all of these humans will Perish, for reasons maybe like they will turn over a new leaf, and other reasons. Another example, is that there have been people that believed what Residential puppeted mouthpiece Biden (in the USA) told people about the Allopathic Drugs, erroneously referred to with the misnomer name of "Vaccine(s)", and have had loved ones, family members, friends get maimed, injured including with permanent disabilities, reduced morbidities, and called Biden's name out as the one to blame, because of the mistake of believing his lies. Although in this kind of cases, that doesn't mean a person would shift to another political party, since those in "the other party/parties" are doing the same. This is also occurring in other Countries as well, where general public citizens believed the lies of their leaders on these, sadly enough.