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  • Seeing that there is such a wide variation in the number of adverse reactions in the falsly called Covid-19 Vaccines, the number of deaths and number of disabilities associated with different batches of the Covid-19 shots, it made sense to create an app / website where people could look up a batch code and see if that batch was on record for causing problems.

  • How Bad is My Batch” is quite simple to use, and is recommended for doctors and nurses - so they can see if a batch is bad before administering it.

  • For the same reason, it is recommended for parents and teachers - who are responsible for the welfare of the children. Parents and teachers can check the historical records for the safety of a particular batch there on the "How Bad Is My Batch?" website.

  • It is hoped that this app will raise awareness of the variability between batches, and also help people to make a more informed decision as to whether they want a Covid-19 shot from any particular batch - based upon the number of deaths, disabilities and life threatening illnesses associated with that batch historically.

How Bad is My Batch


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