Not The Mark Of The Beast

Is Getting Corona Bug Treatments (PLURAL) The MARK OF THE BEAST? No!

Because …

  • A lot of those treatments are Placebos, or outright fake and ineffective dosages, as evidence has been substantiated with the sources presented on this Web Site, like by Dr. Jane Ruby presenting the evidence on the Web Site, on July 19, 2021. Look for the Video of this date on the ☛ Dr. Jane Ruby ☚ for this web site. This has been further substantiated by many in the following weeks.

    • These Placebos only contain Saline Solution, which a person can go to Stores like Target and buy as a intranasal treatment for the sinus — close enough to the FOREHEAD I guess. 😱

      1. Some question whether that will be the same for follow-up treatments, like the so-called "boosters", but as we see, a good chunk of people in the Countries in the World that are using these kind of treatments, may get the first round (some include 2 inoculations to be considered the "first" round, depending on the manufacture of the treatment), so how can one, not knowing what a person got, be deemed as accepting the "Mark Of The Beast"? Makes no sense.

  • The Scriptures of Revelation Identify the FOREHEAD as well. This makes sense, since, in war, health problems, or birth defects, humans don't have "hands", or even arms. And who wants to get a needle pricked deep inside the forehead? Thus, it makes no sense.

    • For an emblem of whatever type to be readily available for whoever to see and confirm, the two options would be the hand or forehead, because they are generally visible, or can be conveniently become visible, say like outside in cold weather, by pulling off the glove, or lifting the hat, since the rest of the body is generally covered, especially during cold weather.

  • The World consists of 224 Countries and territories, and not ALL of them signed up or accepted these kinds of "treatments", or "experiments". About 173 did, but a few have now fallen back and out of the pictures, as of October 2021.

    • With this belief, a person would only be receiving the mark once, and not receiving it a second time, and require "boosters". Makes no sense.

  • If one wants to hypothesize it’s a precursor, that could be a valid mode of thinking, since the treatments with the real juices contain SM-102 Hydrogel / Microgel (with Graphene Oxide as an adjuvant), which Pfizer added in April 2021, and Moderna later, called Luciferase. “Lucifer” Old English, from Latin Lūcifer, from lūx (LIGHT) + ferre (TO BEAR). This may be why when some have taken a microscope, and when looking into the liquid out of the vials, BRIGHT Colors on particles are showing up. Fluorescent Lights shined on the top of hands of people, in RARE CASES, of their hands, or veins LIGHT UP. Not all forms of Hydrogel contain the Graphene Oxide.

    • Another reason, for folks to hypothesize is the Patent, WO/2020/060606, which is for something not in use at this time, and we’re trying to prevent that from happening, but it is point blank obvious that Patent ID was not “automatically” provided for the product, and was requested (putting aside the 2020 part), and some see “WO” as meaning “World Order”. Of course, the feelings about “060606” are obvious. But in the Western World, “Lucifer” is a title people use for the devil, and is used in a vast number of “Bibles” (but not all of them) in the Western World regions.

  • Another issue is that the different versions of the so-called Book Of Revelation, is not considered “Scripture” in all congregations of the World, and quite frankly, not even seen or looked at. It’s one of the so-called WESTERN 5 Books, along with 2 John, 2 Peter, 3 Peter, and Jude. The Church Of The East, is a good example, where these 5 Books are not part of their original canon, and are not considered “scripture”. The word “Bible” itself, is not used for them, because it is a Western World concept, and they use the term “Volumes”.

    • In this modern age, The Church of the East, has decided to include the WESTERN 5 Books, in the Appendix as additional books for the believers if they decide they want to study them, but they are not required to do so, nor are those 5 Books spoke about in the congregation meetings, so there are some that wouldn’t have the faintest idea of what this term “Mark Of The Beast” is supposed to mean. So, since “Revelations” (any version) is not a World Wide book accepted as “scripture”, and the current Corona Dope variations and placebos, and ineffective doses, is not used by World Wide either, we utilize common and logical sense.

      • A deacon from the Church Of The East wrote the following text to me: "There is no major theology in Revelation that is not already found in Isaiah, Daniel, the Gospels, Hebrews and Epistles."

  • Perhaps worth noting, is that there are at least 6 different text form versions of “Revelation” out there in the whole World now, 3 Aramaic Versions (though 2 of them only vary in different words, but maintain the same meanings), and 3 Greek Versions. Aramaic is a primary language, maintaining the correct grammar and more, because it’s a Hebraic language, and Greek, like Latin, is a secondary language. The believers for Eastward took the Scriptures penned in Aramaic, and Greek had no meaning to them since they couldn’t read those, and the believers for Westward took the scriptures penned in Greek, and Aramaic had no meaning to them, since they couldn’t read those.

    • For Several Centuries, Easterners / Westerners knew nothing about the Greek / Aramaic (respectfully) NT texts, and have lived and died without knowing about "the other" texts, and never do. Obviously, given this situation has been for eons, I am comfortable, that what is detrimental and Salvific has, and does come across well in the thousands of languages on this great sized Planet. 👍

22 Books for the New Covenant in this "canon":

The Holy Aramaic Scriptures

Nevertheless ...