Vial Mix & Blood

Bryan Ardys, Karen Kingston, Carrie Madej - 12 different formulas.One of the things that have unraveled a whole lot since June 2021, is the information provided by PATENTS, albeit some are outside of the USA. The Biotech / Medical Analyst (formerly did work for Pfizer), in the last week of 10/2021 pulled up PATENTS that show there are at least TWELVE (12) different formulas in the Vials containing contents used for the allopathic drugs referred to as Covid-19 shots. Of course, that doesn’t include those vials that are just PLACEBO, and nobody in the general public really knows what percentage per demographics in the Countries using these allopathic drugs for people. John Looney, and Undertaker, in the UK, estimated that 85% of the shots were just placebo. During the year 2021, he did communicate with other Undertakers in the Area, and perhaps Australia as well since he is an Aussie. We learn throughout the year that Graphene Oxide is in SOME of the Vials, but not ALL of them, and in SOME of them, but not ALL of them, a SQUID-LIKE thing with Tentacles (which one Dr. Expressed when she looked at it, which spooked her, it raised up as if it were “self-aware”, or perhaps “Activated” in a nano-type of thing. Dr. Franc Zalewski on Portugal had a few Vials to examine, and seen they were not ALL the SAME thing. There was Placebo (Saline) in one or more, Graphene Oxide in One or More, and the SQUID-LIKE thing in One Or More. The Vials were different even in the batch he obtained. There are some claims that some of the PARTICLES therewithin, are GROWING.

There are at least 12 different formulas being used in the Vials for the so-called "Covid" shots, and that excludes the Placebo ones.

Ad-Hoc session (10/28/2021) of Corona Investigative Committee (Berlin, Germany: Attorneys Reiner Fuelmich & Viviane Fischer), with Björn Hammarskjöld & Ulf Bittner from Sweden, which addresses the issues did the vial contents for these clot shots, are different from each other, like the example of some of them have graphene oxide in them and some of them don't...

This would be an obvious reason why there's no listings for the ingredients, and those details are probably in the contracts with the companies.

The Stew Peters Show 10/01/21, and Dr. Jane Ruby even provided LOT Numbers, but I was reluctant to share it on Social Media Sites and Telegram, because when it gets to about the 9 minute mark, it got nutty, with the hypothesis that MAYBE the BAD and dangerous Vials were being sent out to RED STATES (political color), when they already mentioned in California (a BLUE STATE) tossed some bad vials out, and there has already been death by Jab here in Virginia (a BLUE STATE), including in the Town Of Christiansburg where I live, and besides: 1) Be the STATE "Red" or "Blue", there is obvious "Red" folks in "Blue" States and "Blue" folks in "Red States", and others bearing some other Political Party label, or none at all. PLUS: According to what is Polled in the USA this summer, for every 2 to 3 Liberal/Democrats are risking the Jab, there is just 1 GOP/REP risking it.

I was sad the Steve Peters Show jumped ship on this, considering the integral whole.