Chimeric Bioweapon

Steel Health guest stars the CCP Virus Whistleblower/Defector, Dr. Li-Meng Yan, who stops by to talk OMICRON! 12/01/2021


August 22, 2021

In a Vaccine Response News Conference in Trinidad and Tobago, Dr. Michael McDowell explains the covert agenda of the creation of the SARSCoV2 pandemic.

Dr. McDowell expresses that the Vaccinated are a threat to us, HOWEVER, we must treat them kindly, with great empathy, prayer, and with humanity and love. AMEN? There must be no discrimination against them…

Ann Vandersteel guest stars Dr. Li-Meng Yan (From China) and Biotech Analyst Karen Kingston

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Full unedited Video, which includes more of Karen Kingston, before Dr. Li-Meng Yan came on: Live Stream 25 Sep 2021:

Chinese Dr. Li-Meng Yan was among the studies of Wuhan, and forced CCP to change its strategies in regards to SARS-CoV2. She has access to the Playbook (over 300 pages), so to speak. She defected and escaped in April 2020, and is a refugee in a hidden location. She lays out some CCP intentions for the World, and America being the Primary Enemy, and the Psychological part of it, conditioning Children to be like CCP Children, strategics for dividing up groups (CCP loves MANDATES … they are very useful, and good for CCP!), and addresses the Unrestricted Bioweapon and the non-placebo Vaccines (there can’t “really” be a Safe and Efficient Vaccine for this weapon, at least not in a short time - hidden components in the Spike Proteins), and the real antidote.

Thousands of different studies that had different Formulations of vaccines targeting different Demographics (TS 24:28). Can't get a real vaccine in a short time for this. Beaten / Battered down. Children conditioned and brainwashed with CCP ideology.

Sometimes its hard to understand some of her words until we see how she speaks them, but there are plenty words there you’ll understand for sure if you know a whole lot of what is going on, like the Neurotoxity, BloodClots, Neurological Disorders, and ADE (Antibody Dependency Enhancement) Issues, Dr. Death (aka “Destroyer of Worlds”) Fauci, John Hopkins University, NIH, WHO, FDA, NAID, Censorship & Misinformation Campaign programmed as Machines of Disinformation, Suppression, Discrimination, Slander, Defamation (to deceive, for submission, compliance, disable, maim and kill) for their own benefit(s), DEPOPULATION, etc. etc. – She expressed the problem needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

Bioweapons Are Not Meant To "Heal"

A non-natured pathogenic bioweapon is surely not meant to prevent infection or transmission or cure the very things that it is a weapon for. And having it injected into our bodies from a vial, with all the so-called variants (over 100) of different sequences (think like for Anagrams … you can have words in a book that use the same letters, but the letters are sequenced differently. E.g., “satin” / “stain;” “angel” / “glean” -- the SET of letters is the same SET of Letters). And it makes things worst, thus, the term used much regarding this in 2021, “Super Spreaders”, exasperating an epidemic even more with greater intensity in the private and public realms.

Now, in a field test, of three phases concurrently at the same time on humans in civilizations, thus, different concentrations (or “strengths”) of the cocktail in the shipped batches and clusters, noting the geographic locations, gender, and ages, and which strength and ingredients of the vials people have injected into their bodies. This would include, vials, which are just PLACEBO, which to make that work, priming the mind with autosuggestion to make the test subjects “believe” they are getting the remedy treatment that is acclaimed they are being treated for;

Of course, in the ongoing issues and matters, of pathogen bugs, for those given PLACEBO treatments, and thousands and thousands of these cases are throughout the World participating in this experiment, they won’t get knocked out for about 3 days, and get to rest in bed and on the couch, nor have the chance to see a refrigerator magnet stick to their arm, at and around the site where the cocktail was injected into their arm, or get kitchen spoons to stick to their forehead, the upper part of the front body, but the better chance is that they may live many years, even up to 100 or more.